My thoughts on Limecrime Lipsticks + Swatches on the Lips

limecrime swatches

Left to Right:


My Beautiful Rocket


  I feel as if I’ve been wanting these lipsticks for a while now and now that I have them I just don’t know if it was worth the hype or purchase. I am not in love with them and I don’t hate them. These lipsticks are extremely creamy and for me it feels very thick on the lips. When it comes to the colors and pigmentation they are excellent. These lipsticks are meant for the bold.  I feel like lining the lips with a lip liner is a must with Limecrime. These lipsticks WILL stain your lips, I was very content with the staining power of them. As for the smell they smell exactly the same as Mac Cosmetics lipsticks  (contain a Vanilla scent). Although I have mixed reviews for them, I can see why other people love these lipsticks so much. A huge part is due to the overly cute packaging of the purple Unicorns and the other part is because of their unusual colors they offer. I don’t see myself ever wearing a yellow or blue lipstick for an everyday color but if I ever do want to try those colors, I know I can always go to Limecrime to find such outrageous colors.


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