Sleek Cosmetics Review (Part 2)

Before I start on the final part of this review, I had mentioned on the first post that the shipping was very affordable only costing me $3.04 !! The shipping took what it seemed like a lifetime, arriving after three weeks of ordering. You do have the option of getting your package in the mail a week or two early but the cost is about $12-20 dollars extra. If you’re really impatient you might want to consider the fast delivery.

The products that were purchased:

Rose Gold Blush $6.99

Medium Face Contour Kit $9.99

Au Naturel Eye-shadow Palette $11.99

Storm Eye-shadow Palette $11.99

Baby Doll True Colour Lipstick $7.49

My total ended up to be $51.49.

First Impression of the Eye- Shadow Au Naturel

Au Naturel SLEEK eye shadows

The eye- shadows come with a wide mirror and a sponge wand. The Au Naturel Palette came with this plastic that came on top of the shadows with the names of the shadows. The Storm palette didn’t come with the plastic cover with the names. To me personally, I could care less about the names of the shadows so It didn’t matter much to me the plastic on the eye palettes.



The Palette came with some shimmery shadows and a couple of Matte shadows (8) from what I counted. The Matte shades didn’t impress me at all. I was very disappointed with them. The shimmery shades were so gorgeous and so pigmented.


Some of my favorite shadows shown above and below!



Storm Palette


The storm palette is absolutely stunning. I loved how it has 3 matte shadows, as I mentioned on the Part One Sleek post I wasn’t so happy about the Matte shades.

sleek storm palette

Next is the “Baby Doll” lipstick

Sleek lipstick

I am not happy at all with this lipstick. Besides the fact that the lipstick does not complement my skin tone the smell of this lipstick is horrible. To me it smells like wood. The lipstick also leaves patches of colors on your lips. I don’t see myself ever purchasing another Sleek lipstick.


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