Concerts to Experience

To see our most favorite of musicians play in front of our very own eyes is an infinite feeling, these musicians do more than just sing their incredible songs they give us more. They perform in extraordinary ways and as we watch, dance, and sing their songs we join them at every note and our voices become one.

Mumford & Sons – Their instruments, their voices joined, and the liveliness of the experience are all that come with when we see them. We will jump and dance and listen to that banjo hit those beautiful tunes and fall in love, Mumford and Sons in concert is one of the best things to experience.

The Civil Wars – This is for the hope that they return to each other, they are preferably my most favorite, their voices together are some of the sweetest sounds and when they sing, know for sure that The Civil Wars sing with a passion. I do hope they come back and tour again, they are incredible to experience.

The Lumineers – With their instruments at hand The Lumineers play and sing with the crowd. It is impossible to be unhappy when we hear this group sing their melodious songs. There is something about their music that simply brings happiness.

Paul McCartney – Oh this one will bring many back to the past, to those sweet days of music becoming bigger and better and this man along with three others showed just what great music can do. He is incredible and he still continues to this very day! Paul is absolutely one of the best performers of all.

Coldplay – Listening to this band is great but listening to them live at concert with their enthusiastic spirits growing is better! They are true performers when it comes to their concerts, the colors are bright and the music is fun. Coldplay must be seen live!

Shakira – This international musician dances her way to our hearts, Shakira’s dancing is the main attraction and her music makes us all want to join her. She is a performer at heart that brings authentic music to her live performances, seeing her live in concert is the whole package.

This experience I have seen in many artists and these fellow musicians are some of the few that a lover of music must see live!


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