Spring Jewelry

Accessories are a must to finish the outfit, from earrings to rings and bracelets….

But the accessory that completes the outfit is primarily the necklace, so make a statement when you go out.

These few stores are some of the best for the job; spring is here and light/bright colors set the tone for the season and these are the stores that have just what one needs.

                            Best for Statement Necklaces & Earrings:

Charming Charlie


Charming Charlie is one of the best stores for all accessory needs, their store has absolutely everything when it comes to jewelry and they even have clothing! The best thing about this store is that all of their accessories are separated by their color which makes it an even more delightful experience. This store is the magical place where everything from necklaces to purses can be found.

Charlotte Russe


Charlotte Russe does good by making shopping for style affordable and most of their earrings are all in sets and around five dollars! I find that price great mainly because in other stores one pair of earrings is five or six or sometimes higher! Yet in Charlotte Russe I buy my earrings in sets and have several to show off for the week.


Forever 21 – Lovely Drop Necklace & Aqua Necklace from Body Central

Best for Jewelry In General:

Body Central

For those on a budget, Body Central complies, its jewelry is usually always on sale or if not then they have certain specials where if you buy one the other pair will be cheaper. Whenever I find myself on a budget I come here for what I need and sometimes get to spoil myself just a tad even with a budget.


Forever 21

This store I use more for clothing but they also have great accessories, especially their earrings and bracelets. Since it is a new season they have stocked up on colorful jewelry so they have plenty of new items to watch out for.




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