Sleek cosmetics first impression, review and swatches! [Part 1]

I will be cutting this review into two parts, I want to give you guys a detailed review on all the products I purchased. This is Part One!!!

I wanted to try Sleek Makeup products for a while, so I decided to finally order some online. Since I live in the U.S, Sleek is not available here to purchase so ordering online was my only option. The things  I ordered were:

Rose Gold Blush $6.99

Medium Face Contour Kit $9.99

Au Naturel Eye-shadow Palette $11.99

Storm Eye-shadow Palette $11.99

Baby Doll True Colour Lipstick $7.49

and I was surprised but delighted with my small delivery charge of $3.04 !!!

My total ended up to be $51.49 not too shabby if you ask me!


The packaging of every product was so beautiful. It’s hard to believe the products are from the drugstore, they look very high-end!!!

First Impression of the Blush:


This is how the packaging looks like ^


When you open it, you can see that it comes with a mirror!


The Swatch ^

OVERALL REVIEW: The blush has been raved about all over in YouTube and how much it is pigmented. When you swatch it with your finger it is very pigmented and shimmery. As I applied it with a brush, I noticed I had to build over it a couple of times so that the pink color would show. I liked the blush a lot, but I might grow to love it.

First Impression of Contour Kit: Sleek Contour Kit in Medium

 Swatch v

Sleek Contour Kit In Medium

OVERALL REVIEW: You can hardly see to the left of the swatch the highlighter, but that is because of the flash. I fell in love with the highlighter on the kit. Some illuminating powders contain a lot of glitter and it makes your face look glittery and just not flattering at all. This highlighting powder contains a bit of glitter you can hardly notice. This highlighter gives you such a natural glow I have no negative things to say about it. The bronzer on the kit is very matte which I also loved. I’ve never tried any kind of bronzer before so I can’t really compare it to anything. I can say that It felt and looked nice on my face and I give it two thumbs up. If I had to recommend you one product from Sleek, I’d definitely would choose this contour kit!

Make sure you guys come back Friday for Part Two of this review! See you guys soon! – Ami


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