Riveting Style

Fellow fashion bloggers and incredible style icons to draw inspiration from, these look books are some of the best dressed women to guide one in different styles.

1. Wendy’s Lookbook – Wendy’s fashion diary has some of the best outfits, all for the seasons, her style is absolutely amazing and therefore she is the very first on my list of persons to follow.

Return of the Leopard-5

  1. Fashion Coolture 

What’s best about Fashion Coolture is the fun that comes with the outfits, they are all a blending of patterns and colors which makes her style the most exciting to see.

FashionCoolture - 01.10.2013 look du jour Ohkei leopard Romwe (5)

  1. Crimenes de la Moda

This Spanish fashion blogger has more than expected, the styles are all for occasions and they have many outfits that one can easily do. This blog also has some inspiration for men!

Vestido rayas + Abrigo fucsia Crimenes de la Moda

Take a moment to look through these style icon’s look books.

I have found that one can find ways to style ones wardrobe and create great outfits for the seasons, all it takes is a little inspiration from the right people and these three fashion bloggers are some of the very best!


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