This February if a stay in night is the thing for you then here are some few movies that are good to watch, filled with laughter, romance, and love these movies will keep you warm.

P.S. I Love You – This movie is probably one of my most favorites, the impact that a simple letter can do from a loved one is ever so expressed in this movie. Holly and Gerry, both deeply in love with each other go through their time in argument and in pure love. The movie is one to break hearts and patch them back together in the end, it will make you go through the motions, and every feeling will be remembered to be good.

PS I Love You

One DayAnne Hathaway stars as the friend of a fellow classmate who one day comes together leading them to a lifetime of friendship that meets in certain times of their lives at a certain stop. In those points they meet alone or with another but they always do seem to come back to each other. It is a beautiful journey in their lives and the audience is taken in so deeply to it, in this future they face the realities of life and love.

(500) Days of Summer – This comedy- drama for those who have yet to see this fantastical film has it all, Zooey Deschanel is as nice as always but beware she can break your heart.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as her pair is perhaps the most adorable pairing in movies, they make us laugh and invite us easily in to their romance. This movie lays out the realism to modern love stories, it won’t have the pair so happy at times, and when it comes to love this movie will please.

Letters to Juliet – Verona, Italy, what better place to play romance in. This romance stars Amanda Seyfried as the potential young writer who roams in stories for factual evidence but romance and the love stories that it brings are her calling and so when she finds an old letter that has never been read, she takes it upon her to find that persons happily ever after.

What is most beautiful in this movie is not only the scenery but the story within the letter that comes to change her life as she looks for true love. 


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