For the new year we all have high hopes for how things will turn out, we’ve let the past year go in peace and have invited this new one to take its place so in honor of this new year we should start it off with something great! If you have not already seen Spike Jonze’s film “her” than you certainly must, the movie introduces a close world to ours where technology is our friend though in the movie it has developed to being much more intimate.

Their are many qualities that this movie has but some of the most memorable are the things that are being said some that surprisingly capture reality in whole.

Joaquin Phoenix stars in the movie as the leading character and Scarlett Johansson plays the unforgettable voice that touches us most dearly. The movie was released in December and it is still playing in theaters! So please take this movie honestly and take it out for the night and experience what pure good writing can do on screen.

“Her” has already been nominated for several awards most notably the Golden Globes and is one of the best movies of the year!


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