Wet N Wild Fergie Lipstick Swatches!

I was able to grab two lipsticks from the Fergie Collection, and I wanted to share with you all the swatches! Let me know what you think! fergielippies

I decided to get these two shades because they’re shades that are unlike anything I have in my current makeup bag. Fergie in D-Vinley Chilled

The base of this color is a plum. The lipstick has a gold shimmer that when you look at the lipstick in the light you can see tiny specks of glitter. The glitter isn’t annoying on the lips. You won’t feel the glitter either! When it’s on the lips it appears metallic. If you are going for something bold and new, this color might be good for you to try! For the cost of $1.99 this lipstick  did not disappoint. To think of it, none of the Wet N Wild lipsticks have ever disappointed me.


fergie in pagan angel

I know it’s not Halloween, but whenever you feel like rocking a goth/vamp look this lipstick will be it for you! I like to mix a bit of this color with a red for a vampy look. This shade is just as the picture appears, a pure jet black. This lipstick applied to the lips as smooth as butter! As far as I know, this lipstick is part of the permanent Fergie collection.

xx-stay Fergalicious !!!


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