Mac cosmetics “Heroine” swatch!

Hey lovelies! I just got the most anticipated lipstick “Mac Heroine” that was just released Jan. 2, 2014 in all Mac stores across the U.S. Like I mentioned on my post before Mac Heroine is now part of the permanent collection on Mac! Check out my pictures below!

MAC Heroine

On the Lips.
mac heroine on the lips

Now, I’ve heard that before Heroine became part of the permanent collection, people were comparing Heroine to other lip products like the New Revlon Just Bitten Matte Balm. I decided to compare both products side by side, and let you decide for yourself if you find both Mac Heroine and Revlon’s Shameless similar. Revlon’s Shameless is available for $6.49 and Mac Heroine for $15.00.

Mac Heroine and Revlon's Shameless side by side

These photos were taken with the flash on. The picture below will show you how the products look side by side with and without using the flash.

With Flash

With Flash

Without Flash

Without Flash.

Revlon Just Bitten Matte Balm in Shameless

Revlon’s Just Bitten Matte Balm in “Shameless” on the lips above.

Overall Mac’s “Heroine” is an absolutely stunning bright shade of purple. I have seen this lipstick on different kinds of skin tones, and it looks just as stunning on everyone. Revlon’s “Shameless” DOES look really similar to Heroine but I do believe they are very different. Shameless is a bit darker than Heroine. Shameless is easier to apply on the lips, it goes on so smooth but it looks awful if you have chapped lips. I recommend moisturizing your lips, or else you will have chunks on your lips that will be stained differently. Although on Mac Heroine it says it’s a “MATTE” lipstick, It does have some sort of soft creamy finish to it. If you compared Ruby Woo and Heroine (they’re both Matte) you would think only Ruby Woo was a Matte lipstick. If you did want a duplicate of Heroine, Shameless comes in very close. Hope you guys enjoyed this swatch and comparison! Stay tuned for more guys! xx


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