Ultimate Guide: How to dye your hair with @lorealhair One-Day Colorista

Not only do I guide you how to work with the L’oreal 1-day colorista, but I also review this product for you, just in case you might feel spontaneous enough to dye your hair.

The instructions to this product recommends you to place a towel around your shoulders to protect from staining. You shake well before use and spray your hair about 4-6 inches away.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

You style your hair before you use this product, I wanted to lock the product as much as I could so I added a thin layer of hairspray.

I love the payoff of this product BUT I followed the instructions and I started coughing a lot after I applied it. I WOULD NOT recommend this product for anyone who has asthma. I felt like I couldn’t breathe properly without coughing for a good 30 minutes. The product got into my nose and I had to sneeze it all out.

Colors used: #Blue300 & #Pastelblue30

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I wanted a ombre effect for my hair and somehow I ended up mixing both colors together to get this very neon turquoise. I really didn’t care if I didn’t get all of my thick hair I just wanted to see the intensity of the color.  The color was very vivid, but it did stain everything I touched. I wore gloves and it prevented the staining on my hands. Even though it did stain my hands it rinsed off very easily with soap.

Washing it off was very easy, as soon as the water touched my scalp the blue started to fade away. I washed my hair about four times with shampoo because I wanted to wash out as much as I could. After drying my hair I did notice a slight shade of minty green was still  in my hair from the faded blue. I have very light blonde hair, it’s almost silver so the intensity of the color was very vivid. If you’re a brunette the color might look different on you.


Do I think this product works? Yes it does

Is it worth the $10? I think I like the Splat chalk better than this product if I’m completely honest. It’s not that it’s a bad product but I feel like the Splat hair chalk was easier to apply and it didn’t make me cough uncontrollably.


Would I recommend this? Yes if you want a vivid color for one day that is easy to wash out. It doesn’t wash out in one day though. It might take about three days to fully wash out the product, especially if you have blonde hair.


Check out my L’oreal Colorista wash out review here.

Have you guys used this product? Let me know on the comments below!


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