Review: Ardell magnetic lashes

Do they work? Are they worth it? Is it hard to put them on?

I answer all those questions in this blog post. I’m going to tell you my honest opinion on this controversial product. Let’s get to it.

I purchased the wispies, double wispies and the accents all at CVS for $11.99 (since then they went up in retail price for $13.99). They had a promotional sale of buy two get one free so I decided to try the only ones they had there. I’m not sure of they have other styles available.

So when I went home I immediately gave them a try. Before I purchased them I had seen mixed reviews on Youtube, so I decided to try them on my own.

Do they work? Yes they do. Let me tell you something you need to have a lot of patience when you first try them on, you need to learn how they work and the tricks to put them on. You won’t put them on in 3 minutes (at first). They come with two lash bands so the magnets can connect to each other. You’re meant to put one on top of your lash and then the other piece on the bottom and you will feel the magnets connect. First thing before putting on the lash YOU HAVE TO APPLY MASCARA ON YOUR NATURAL LASHES. I cannot stress that enough. If you don’t coat your lashes the magnetic lashes will slip away. It took me about an hour to get the hang of it.

I have the accents on here.

The accents were the easiest to get the hang of. Okay so the wispies and the double wispies those are the trickiest to get the hang of. The band is too long for the eye and it slips away when you try to connect it with the lower band. The trick to it is that you have to cut the lower band that connects everything into three pieces. Leave the upper band alone as a whole and cut the lower band into three. When you do this you can apply the magnetic lashes easily. As for cutting the lower band, don’t cut the band right where the magnet is. Make sure you leave a small piece of lash so the magnet won’t fall apart. Once you cut your lower lash into three, apply your upper lash and start putting the lower three pieces on, one at a time. It takes practice but you will get them on faster the more you practice. My friend DM’d me about the lashes when she saw my post on Instagram, and she was able to put them on with patience and a little time.

I have the magnetic wispies on here.

So.. it is hard to put it on AT FIRST when you don’t get the hang of it. You need time and practice to put these on but they DO work! I got the hang of it now and it takes me 3 minutes now to put them on.

I tested these lashes for more than a week and let me tell you, they didn’t fall off with harsh winds. You won’t feel them on your eye wither which is great if you have sensitive eyes. Also they don’t hurt at all.

I believe these are the double wispies, I through away the packaging but they’re the fullest magnetic lashes they have.

Are they worth purchasing? If you’ve read everything I have to say about this product then the obvious response is yes, they are worth the try. If you don’t have time to play with these and sit down and practice I WOULDN’T recommend these. If you have patience and want to give them a try I would try the accent #001 lashes first.

3 responses to “Review: Ardell magnetic lashes

  1. Love it )) Looks huge yet natural )) I thought I reached good results with Cherish Lash serum course, but to have such an effect, must buy a magnetic set ))

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