DIY laminated palette: Keep your favorite palette sleek and clean

Many of you might have kids or have crazy little nieces who love exploring with your makeup. When your favorite palette is made out of cardboard it might have the tendency to get dirty faster.

I found a simple solution, laminate it!

Products you will need : self adhesive laminated sheets ($6.00), scissors, a makeup palette and time (15 minutes)!

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

The palette that I used was the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill collaboration, the palette has quickly become one of my favorite palettes to use but I was very disappointed of the packaging. It’s gorgeous in white and silver but it didn’t come with a coat of gloss to protect it from getting dirty. If you get eyeshadow on your palette, it will stain it. My niece got her tiny little hands on it and it stayed it. I was able to take most of the stain off with makeup remover. If I hadn’t seen the stain right away it wouldn’t have been easier to remove.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Once you place one of these sheets on your palette it will stick to the palette on its own. You don’t need glue or tape for this! Once you place the sheet on the palette, you’re going to want to use your hands to place over the laminating sheets to get the air bubbles out. Once you do this you’ll have to cut the excess of the sheets off the edges of the palette.

I did this process three times. Twice on the outside of the palette, and once on the inside.

Then I tested it out.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Voila! You’ve got yourself a sleek-looking palette! FullSizeRender.jpg

My makeup desk can get messy and the excess of the shadows seems to latch on to my desk. Spending the extra time and money to do this to the palette saves me the trouble of getting it dirty. I wish Morphe would have done this to the palette to begin with, but I’m glad I found an easy solution. I might even try placing a mirror over the message on the inside too! If I do, I will keep you guys posted!


3 responses to “DIY laminated palette: Keep your favorite palette sleek and clean

  1. I was going to this too! I’m just waiting for my Jaclyn hill palette to come in! Why did you do it twice on the outside? Also I’m trying to figure a way to the side with shawdows. But I’m not sure if that side gets Messy enough. I also want to add a mirror too but I still want to be able to close it. So I’m think about a mirror as thin as paper. Or cutting into the cardboard! Let me know what your ideas are and keep me posted.

    • Hey Stephanie, sorry for the late reply!
      I did it twice on the outside because all of the palette is cardboard and also I have the palette stored in my makeup desk and it tends to get really dirty. Those are great ideas! I did think about the mirror but as of now I haven’t seen any thin mirrors for it. Def will be in the look out for one and keep you posted! 🙂

  2. Genius! Do you know if it has acid or will taint the design over time? I want to do this with my Venus palettes which are cardboard. I bought them as a collectors item and the Boticelli Venus is my favorite painting 🙂 I want to keep them beautiful for years to come!

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