Skindinavia Finishing Primer and Finishing Spray review 

My best friend Lucy purchased both Skandinavia’s Primer and Finishing spray. When she ordered them they arrived with two deluxe sizes of each product. Being the coolest best friend, she gave them to me. She wasn’t sure if the deluxe sizes were for oil control, the deluxe sizes do mention they’re oil free and paraben-free. The products label also mentions they’re made for sensitive skin.

I tried these products for about three days in a row. I still have a great amount of product for a couple of more uses.

This is a picture of me wearing both primer and finishing spray. Both mists don’t really have a scent. It’s slightly cooling when sprayed.

This was the end of the day of wearing both products. I did feel like the makeup longevity was great. Although I have a combination of oily and dry skin (especially in the t-zone area) I felt like by the end of the night by wearing it after 6 hours I started noticing my face was extremely oily. In the picture above you can see my nose very oily. My best friend Lucy also tried both mists and she has oily skin. She noticed her longevity of her makeup was good but she also noticed by the end of the day her face was oily too.
For the price of both primer and finishing spray, I would recommend finding other products that would give you better results. There’s products that won’t leave you oily in the end of the night. Even though my Smashbox primer burns a hole in my wallet, I don’t end up with an oily face. That to me is a much greater deal than these products. I know there’s a lot of bias opinions to these products because most of the people who recommend them are sponsored by the company or they’re affiliates. I thought it was interesting to review these hyped products. Overall I feel like there’s better primers and finishing sprays in the beauty market for a fraction of the price. The primer is said to last your makeup up to 16hrs. I do think the longevity is great. I just think that you do need to blott or apply  powder after 6-8hrs.

The primer spray cost for a 4oz. Bottle costs $35 and 8oz. Bottle cost $49.

The setting pray cost for a 4oz. Bottle costs $29. The 8oz. bottle $39.

You can find these products online at
If you’ve tried these products, feel free to leave a comment below sharing your experiences with them!

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