Review of the NEW Cover Girl Super Sizer Mascara & Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner

I have to start off this post by mentioning I received these two NEW Cover Girl products from Influenster for free.  Here’s the link to the first Influenster vox box that I received where I explain what Influenster is and how you can also get a vox box for FREE!


Katy Perry for Cover Girl.

The box the products came in. In the photo Katy Perry appears with teal hair.

These two New Cover Girl products are NOT available yet in stores, I was one of the lucky people who got the chance of trying these products before anyone else. Good thing I get to tell you guys about these products.


Left: The New Intensify Me Liquid Liner. Right: The New Super Sizer Mascara



When I took these photos, the day was so gloomy (it’s been like that for days). The photo doesn’t give the color tube of mascara justice.


The Super Sizer’s wand. The packaging claims it gives 400% corner to corner volume. The wand is meant to twirl as you apply the mascara.


This is the eyeliner pen. I noticed that the eyeliner pen came with this grip, which comes in handy when you’re trying to create a winged liner. I have really shaky hands so I was happy to see this little detail, it helped making the application process more sturdy.


There’s two ways to apply the eyeliner for different eye looks. There is a flat side and a slimmer side to it, when you turn the eyeliner to the side. The paddle on the pen is for creating thick or thin eyeliner looks.


This is the thick side of the pen.



Left: thin side of the pen swatched and the Right: Thick side swatched.

This is the look I created with both Cover Girl products. I was inspired by Ariana Grande’s video ft.Zedd look in “Break Free”. I used her makeup look as inspiration, her wing looked more dramatic that mine.

NEW Cover Girl Super Sized mascara and Intensify Me liquid liner

NEW Cover Girl Super Sized mascara and Intensify Me liquid liner. I just used ONE coat of mascara guys.

New Cover Girl Super Size mascara and NEW intensify me eyeliner pen

Okay. Now that you got through all of my pictures, which by the way I apologize for some of them for not being bright enough. I take pictures with natural light and when I took the photos of the products the natural light was not working with me. Before I begin this review, you guys know I can’t lie to you all. I have openly shared my dislike for Cover Girl products in the past, just because these products were sent to me for free doesn’t mean it will change my opinion for these products.


Super Sizer Mascara: I love the packaging of the mascara, although the size of it is really inconvenient if you have a small purse. I applied the mascara just as instructed, using the wand and twirling the wand as I applied. The packaging said to apply as many coats as you like, and just when I was about to apply a second coat, my lashes were rock hard. Even though the lashes had dried by the time I wanted to apply a second coat, the first coat did wonders with my lashes. The mascara truly grabbed every lash and gave my lashes some volume. When I wore the mascara throughout the day I didn’t get any flakiness. I also noticed that the mascara did not hurt my eyes (I have sensitive eyes). The removal of the mascara was really easy too. I am very surprised and impressed by the mascara.

Intensify Me Liquid Liner: The eyeliner pen helped a lot when I created my winged liner. It made the process clean and fast. I was really happy with the part of the pen that helps your fingers stay sturdy. That detail impressed me so much. My hands shake so much when applying liquid liner, thankfully this time it was a piece of cake. It’s really cool how this pen can give you a thin or thick  look if you desire! The only thing that I didn’t like about this eyeliner pen was the fact that the product is a bit hard to apply on the lids. I’m thinking because it’s new, so you might have to give it a couple of swatches on the hand so the product can easily apply on the lids.




I’ve never found any Cover Girl products that were good to me, until I tried these two products. I’m speechless. The formula on both products were good to my eyes and that is amazing. If you have sensitive eyes as well these products will be good to you too. I hope my detailed review gets you guys excited to try both these products. Thank You to Influenster and Cover Girl for sending me these products to try.





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