Review and Swatches of the NEW NYC Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stains

Hello there! I had purchased these new lip stains a while ago and I completely forgot to review them. These new lip stains have been available for a while now and I don’t see many reviews on them. I am the kind of gal who enjoys both drugstore and high-end makeup and I honestly prefer to write about drugstore products more than high-end because drugstore products are a lot more affordable to most people. Hope you guys enjoy this post!


new nyc smooch proof liquid lip stains

Available for $2.99 each at your local drugstore.


swatches of nyc lip stains

From Left to Right:  #320 Unforgettable Fuchsia, #200 Get Noticed, #400 On Everyone’s Lips & #100 Faithful Coral.

I found that the brightest colors like the Fuchsia and Get Noticed where the colors that I didn’t need to apply more than two coats on the lips. The lightest colors were difficult to show on the lips. Every time I tried to re-apply the lightest colors (more than 2 times) to get more of an intense color on the lips it started to peel off on the lips. When you apply them on your lips, I feel they give you a tingle sensation on the lips. They have this slight fruity scent to them. These lip stains take around 2-3 minutes to dry on the lips, the NYC website states that they are “cream” stain and they are not. I felt they were more liquid than cream. Once they dry on the lips they are smooch proof. They are smooch proof until you lock lips or drink water. If you don’t drink a lot of water while wearing these they last around the 4 hr mark and fade nicely. I think if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like lipstick or lip-gloss you will like these! I wouldn’t consider them “liquid lipsticks” at all, they are in fact lip stains.

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