Review of the New Maybelline Master Primer

Maybelline recently released three new primers out of their Face Studio collection and I was so excited to try one of them. I know that the other two primers which I did not purchase were for redness and for highlighting. I grabbed the primer that (blurs and smooths).

maybelline master prime

The packaging of the primer is in sleek black.

maybelline primer vs, smashbox primer

I wanted to compare the size of the Smashbox Primer and the Maybelline primer. They both contain the same amount of product (1 fl. oz/30 ml)

maybelline master prime

A cream primer but it’s really watery. There’s no scent to the primer!

maybelline primer and smashbox

Just being silly with no makeup on. The Smashbox primer is my holy grail face primer and also the primer that burns a huge hole in my pocket.

maybelline primer

My foundation was wearing off so much around my nose.

maybelline primer

On the inner inside part of my nose is where it looked the worst.

Overall Review: I was not impressed at all with this primer. I was hoping it would live up to my beloved Smashbox photo finish primer, but it didn’t…at all. At the most I started noticing patches of my foundation in areas on my face around the 4hr mark. The patches on my face were extremely noticeable and it was so embarrassing going to school with my makeup melting off my face. I used this primer twice, the first day I used this primer with a moisturizer. When I used the primer with the moisturizer I noticed the patches of foundation on my face. The second time I used this primer, I had no moisturizer, it was used alone. The first time I noticed the patches, I thought the moisturizer had caused them, but when I used it w/o I am certain it was the primer. I do have normal to dry skin.

I’m a bit sad that I didn’t find my go to drugstore primer with this Maybelline one. If you guys use a drugstore primer and it’s your go to primer…please comment below and let me know which one you use. I’m looking for a good drugstore primer.

Oh and also before I forget, if any of you guys have a Twitter follow me on there so we can chat about makeup. Just make sure to tell me you’re a reader so I won’t mix you up with some span account. I like making Twitter friends :)- @itsamiyall 


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