Black Friday Experience + Walmart Rant

Black Friday = Madness

If you’re not from the States, Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving where almost everything from electronics, clothes, accessories, beauty items are about %50 off. This event happens once a year in the U.S.

Last year I went to Black Friday with my mom at Walmart and we were able to buy a $100 32 inch TV for my aunt. The lines were crazy long, but Walmart was very organized and it wasn’t so chaotic.

THIS YEAR, on the other hand was a different story. I’ve never seen people fight over crock pots. Walmart was such a huge disappointment this year. Everything and everyone was so unorganized. Walmart was bizarre. I was trying to purchase a 16GB IPod 5th Generation for $195 with a free $30 Walmart gift card and it was insane what I went through to TRY to find it. Sales associates didn’t know anything. I was sent to MULTIPLE aisles trying to search for a damn IPod. Managers also didn’t know anything. Some associates didn’t even want to deal with people so they would send them to different areas around the store. I’m so disappointed with the customer service. Customer service doesn’t mean anything on Black Friday, apparently. I’ve worked on Black Friday, I know how it is. I could never be as rude to people as the Walmart associates were to me, even on Black Friday.

Anyway I was so sick of getting no help or answers trying to buy an iPod that I left home. I searched online Walmart and Best Buy but the IPod was sold out. I headed to Best Buy and it was very organized and the sales associates were VERY helpful. I snagged up the IPod I wanted for $150 which turned out cheaper than what I would have payed for at Walmart.

I also went to Sephora and scored the Tarte $10 holiday set!

Did you go Black Friday shopping? If so what deals did you score? I’d like to know your Black Friday experiences.


4 responses to “Black Friday Experience + Walmart Rant

  1. I missed out on the Tarte holiday set 😦 Other than Walmart (which I avoid like the plague on BF… and most days), I felt BF was slow this year! What did you think?

    • Lol 😂😂😂 Walmart was seriously like the plague, or the Purge! No lie. BF was slow, I agree. I was expecting more beauty deals and full size items like in the past yrs. The holiday set is cute, I wish you would have gotten your hand on! I’m loving it 😃 I think that Cyber Monday will have better deals! Check out Nouveau Cheap’s blog. She posts a lot of deals!

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