Gothic Books



A House in The Country is perhaps Donoso’s most disturbing and gruesome novel, the imagery of the acts is brilliantly written in detail that will surely make you tremble. Jose Donoso sets the readers eyes on the Ventura family, while the adults spend their day together in mindless conversation and past-times they decide to gather their servants and leave the children in the disturbing country house to come out and play… that means all the children. Beware for the author will also take place and he will not keep anything hidden from his tale, if the reader is ready for a grisly Chilean novel then with all pleasure come into the country house.

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The Hawkline Monster

Richard Brautigan is a damn treat to read, he plays with the unimaginable and creates the unexplainable right out of thin air, you’ll feel many things when you read this, you might even want to shake a little but just out of pure fun. This Gothic western invites two men to Miss Hawkline’s house, their travel is far and strange but the best is to come when they arrive to the house, at that point the bizarre takes over and all sanity is thrown at the window and bounced back to play with.

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Good and evil is tested here. Dr. Jekyll is a man who in the obsession of finding out more of man is driven to create something that can separate and create something truly evil. Their strange encounters with others sends them to distance themselves from society, Dr. Jekyll knows of Hyde’s inner self and it is only a matter of time till he takes over and then the real horror begins.


Short Stories:

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The Halloween Tree

It’s Halloween night and the very best boy to have ever lived is missing, the boys are dressed and ready for the night but dear Pipkin is taken by something dark. The boys lost in the mystery are found by a mysterious man named Moundshroud  and must tag along to the past and travel in different places to seek for him.  They will travel the world for him and see the beginnings to the history they never knew. Friends never give up on each other and they will do anything to give him life again.


The October Country

 Bradbury is known for many of his novels but his short stories is where he started, this right here is the best collection of eerie stories to read in the fall and best in October. The circus is in town so grab a seat while it’s hot and preferably read “The Dwarf” first.

and a personal favorite, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, one of the very best Gothic classics.

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Victor Hugo is the master of imagery in this novel, architecture was at the tip of his fingers, this novel, my readers is the very definition of Gothic.


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