Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Holiday Set (Swatches)


I posted this picture yesterday on my Instagram, and It received a good amount of likes! I decided to do the lip swatches of this set for you guys!!! 🙂

(The Swatches below are all pictured in natural light)

kat von d studded lipstick holiday set 2014Hexagram- Matte Blood Red

Lovecraft- Matte Mauve Pink Nude

Motorhead- Matte Black Cherry

Bachelorette- Matte Reddish Fuschia

Wonderchilde- Iridescent Neon Lilac

Sexer- Iridescent Fluorescent pink

Adora- Metallic Golden Red

Agatha- Matte Pale Peach Nude

Countess- Matte Hot Orange Red

Review: Last years Kat Von D released a mini set of lipsticks that I did not get my hands on. With this new set, I’m pretty happy with the fact that I missed last year’s holiday set. Since I don’t own last year’s set I can’t compare them both. From what I’ve seen around the internet is that this year’s holiday set was much larger compared to this new set (could be the packaging). I love the studded packaging to these new lipsticks so much better than the old packaging. As for the actual textures of the lipsticks they are mostly all matte which I love! They don’t feel too drying on the lips but they can go on a bit patchy if you have really dry lips. I recommend wearing a lip balm before applying the lipstick or moisturizing your lips. The lipsticks are long-lasting, and do smell like vanilla. The metallic shades are beautiful and don’t feel chunky on the lips. The picture does not give shades like adora, sexer and wonderchilde justice, they’re much more beautiful in real life. Overall I am pretty satisfied with this purchase, I don’t think you can run out of these lipstick shades unless you use them everyday. I am pretty sure I will have to purchase a full size of Lovecraft because it became my favorite mauve lipstick. This holiday set is $40 at Sephora stores and sephora.com . The picture below is the size of the new regular size studded lipstick to the mini size that comes in the holiday set.

full size kat von d lipstick and mini lipstick side by side

 Regular Size Lipstick contains 10 oz and Mini Lipstick contains 04 oz

(Here is a closer look at the lipsticks with Flash!!!)

mini kat von d lipsticks

kat von d mini holiday set


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