October Movies

The Book Of Life takes us into the cultural art of Mexico and deep into their biggest holiday, the Day of the Dead! Manolo  is a man who has his heart set on a lovely woman and to playing the guitar for a living but his family disagrees with his path.  Manolo soon finds a rival in Joaquin, a man quite self observed in himself, who is also after his Maria. Since their battle for her continues, it begins to catch the eyes of some unlikely spirits, Manolo is later removed from his human world and taken to another where he must travel in three worlds in order to find his way back and join his love and to figure out where he wants to go for his future in the human world.

Horns is a dark fantasy that suddenly takes over the life of Ig Perrish right after his girlfriend is found dead. His supernatural abilities seem to be attached to his horns and he will find no other way out but to use his newly found powers and use them wisely to find his girlfriend’s true killer.

John Wick is a former hit-man out for vengeance against those who have wronged him and his path for revenge has all the action and more that one could ever want, Wick is not the man to be trifled with and soon they will all find out…

Housebound traps Kylie back to her old home with her gossiping mother who believes their is something supernatural happening in the house though Kylie doesn’t believe in anything she says, she soon comes to realize that her mother may not be so crazy.

The Judge is the father of Hank Palmer, a man who left his hometown to become bigger and who later has to defend and represent his father and release him from his murder charge. This will be the hardest case Palmer has to take because of the tough relationship he left behind with his judgmental father who now doesn’t want his help.





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