Coconut Oil Hair Treatment


We’ve all seen the Pins on Pinterest, you know the one’s that say to use coconut oil on your hair as a treatment to achieve smoother and longer hair. Has anyone actually tried them and gave us actual reviews? All I see on Pinterest is that you should try it if you want your hair to grow.

I decided to try the coconut oil treatment on my hair and I have a couple of things to say about this.


  1. No one on Pinterest said how hard it is to remove the coconut oil from your hair. I grabbed about five handfuls of shampoo and used hot water and my hair still felt oily. As much as I tried scrubbing out the coconut oil out of my hair it didn’t rinse off.

  2. The day after you use the coconut oil, your hair feels and looks greasy as fu*k. It is really gross. The worst part is that your hair feels hard too.

  3. After it takes days for the coconut oil to completely wash away from your hair, I did notice how soft my hair felt the next couple of days from doing the treatment.

  4. After doing this about 2x a week for about a month, I didn’t notice any hair growth. My hair did feel somewhat smooth, but I did not see any length improvements.

  5. Take precaution when you’re rinsing the oil out of your hair…it gets all on the tub/shower and it makes it really slippery everywhere.

Would I recommend using Coconut oil on your hair?

I have to say if you use a lot of heat, bleach, or chemical products on your hair a lot you may want to consider using coconut oil on your hair about two times a week. The coconut oil will make your hair feel and look a lot less brassy. If you want to use coconut oil to make your hair grow longer, I would have to say to pass. Again, It did nothing for the length of my hair.




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