Maybelline Color Whispers Sale!

Currently the Maybelline Color Whisper’s are on sale at Walgreens. I am not much a fan of glossy lip products or balms, but lately I’ve been reaching out for balms and gloss type of lip products. I went to Walgreens and I saw these for sale for $3.49 each. The regular price for them is $6.99. When I went to the counter to pay, I realized they were buy one $3.49 and the other for $1.74.  If you own a Walgreens Rewards Card you can same more money on different brands of makeup that are currently on sale at Walgreens.

loreal color whispers

L'oreal Color Whispers

Maybelline Color Whisper’s in Natural Light

Maybelline Color Whisper’s With Flash



Review: I really liked the color whispers, I was surprised they weren’t sticky and also very impressed with their pigmentation. What I also liked about them is that they are hydrating. My favorite was the darkest color, in general I really liked them all. They have a slight sweet scent. I think they’re perfect for summer! Head to Walgreens and get them while they still are on sale!

#05 Go Nude


#95 Mad For Magenta


#100 A Plum Prospect


#85 Berry Ready




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