My first BH Cosmetics HAUL!

Hey Guys! I’m new to the makeup game, so when I found out about BH Cosmetics I went CRAY! I’ve been eyeballing BH cosmetics every once in a while to see if I could find the perfect time to purchase a bunch of goodies! I couldn’t pass up this deal. BH always seems to be having sales so they make every product very affordable. What I love about this brand is that you can purchase all these amazing products without burning a hole through your wallet. If I could describe BH cosmetics in one word, that word would be LOVE. I’m so happy with these products and If you haven’t had the chance to purchase from them, I recommend you do. Now, let’s check out the products I purchased.


Galaxy Chic Palette: 18 Color Baked Eye-shadow Palette




Swatches With Flash:


In Natural Lighting:



First Impression: I thought the packaging was cute, the shadows were huge! The colors are impressive. Love the idea of the shadows being in a theme of the galaxy/universe.

Review: The baked shadows were very pigmented, they blend very easily and I had no problem with this palette at all. This was my favorite product of all the items I received! I also received with this purchase a free Gel Liner and a Mascara!

Rate: 10/10

Eyes on the 60’s Palette

Eyes on the 60's Palette



Swatches shown in Natural Light:


First Impression: I was very happy to get to play with this palette, it contains 35 shadows that have different finishes matte/shimmer.

Review: I was not happy with the pigmentation on SOME of the shadows. Surprisingly the matte shadows like the red shadow weren’t the ones with the less pigmentation. I will have lots of fun with his palette because it has bright colors to choose from.

Rate: 6.5 (Only because some shadows were not as pigmented as I would have loved them to be) You can build them up !!!!

Special Occasion Palette: 39 Color Eye Shadow & Blush Palette



Swatches on a couple of Shadows With Flash


In Natural Light:


The Blushes to this Palette!


First Impression/Review: The packaging was SO CUTE! I loved how the palette contains warm and cool shadows. The Blushes in this palette are a bonus! The blushes feel slightly creamy, as well as some shadows. Again I wish some shadows were more pigmented, but I can’t complain for the price. I will just be building up the shadow.


Rate: 8.0

Glamorous Blush Palette: 10 Blushes in Palette





Swatches on Natural Light


First Impression/Review: This blush palette is to die for!!! I’m so happy I bought this blush palette. YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE. Ahhh!!! I think I captured the pigmentation on the picture! I will be using some blushes as a highlight/contouring.  You can’t go wrong with purchasing this palette, I recommend them! I’m in love!!!


Rate: 9.0


Two of my Palettes were bundles! My Galaxy Chic Palette came with a FREE mascara and a Gel liner! The Eye’s on the 60’s Palette came with this 12 piece brushes!



I loved the packaging on these blushes, so far I have used the blushes, and I’m amazed to say they are good quality brushes. They’re very soft and they don’t shed!


Well there goes my BH Haul!!! If you’ve tried BH Cosmetics, which products do you love? Comment below and let me know!

Check out for more goodies!


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