Dollar Store Beauty Finds

Hey guys, if you don’t know already there is several dollar stores that carry different brands of beauty products for only $1 ! My favorite place to find good deals is at my local dollar tree. I’ve seen brands from Physician’s Formula, Elf, Milani, LA Colors and many more. You never know what kind of hidden treasures you’re going to find at the dollar store!

Dollar Store beauty products

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Rosy Organics Blush

Physician's Formula Organic Blush


(Left Swatch)


Comes with this small brush and a mirror.

Overall, I hated this product so much. The product hardly shows in my skin and the product is so chalky. The smell of it was also not pleasant. (smelled like wood). It’s a miss with this product. I’m not too sad about it…hey it was only a $1.

Then, I also found these incredibly tiny lip balms that looked very similar to the EOS balms. These balms were one dollar each and are from Chap Ice. I really like Chap Ice’s regular balms so I decided to pick these up. There was three available flavors and I purchased the  Watermelon and Strawberry Balms. These balms contain Vitamin E and Aloe.

Without Flash


With Flash


The Chap Ice Balm  compared to EOS Balm (size comparison)

Chap Ice Balm and EOS Balm

I will definitely be picking up more of the chap ice balms in the future! They’re 2X smaller than the EOS Balms and cheaper!

Tell me which beauty product you have found at the dollar store! I’d like to know!! 🙂


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