March Movies

DivergentShailene Woodley stars as Tris, unknown to others as a “divergent”, a person who does not fit in a world that divides its people into categories which they are set for life. After finding out that she is what is known as a divergent she decides to choose a path of hiding and joins a group who fights and competes to continue their lives with their choice to be more than one thing. Trouble comes her way as others begin to suspect what she is and her title as a divergent unravels in her new path which comes to put her life and those she loves in danger.

This is the second movie that Woodley stars in this year! I have high hopes for this movie and for her.

Veronica Mars – Mars comes back to her hometown only to find herself on a mission to save her friend who is in the mix of a murder, as her high school reunion is coming close she has to face the past she left behind and find the truth to the mystery. Kristen Bell is the main protagonist and Logan Echolls plays Veronica Mars’ old friend.  Bell certainly has what it takes to amaze us as a private eye and mystery at a high school reunion with the past! Well that just yells out fun to me.

Enemy –  If described in one word, the word would most certainly be maddening; Adam Bell is a history professor with a life that seems as dull to him as told, when a colleague motivates him to watch a movie he catches something quite astonishing and from there on his life spins in circles as he tries to find the man in the movie who resembles him in every possible way. When the life of the two identical men intertwine everything becomes confusing to follow. Truly, this movie will have you speculating and doubting what you already know…

Enemy is in limited theaters only, if it’s premiering in your place please go ahead and take the spin of your life.

Grand Piano – An intriguing movie and in limited theaters only, Elijah Wood stars as Tom Selznick, a famous piano player that develops stage-fright thus leaves the world of music. But as time passes Selznick decides to come back and his concert comes with a crowd unsuspectingly large raising the pressure of failing but the crowd is not the thing that rises his fear but the words written on his music sheets threatening his life and later the life of the others he loves.

Selznick must play his piano with no mistakes and find a way to find the person who threatens his life without the sniper knowing.

Elijah Wood, a great actor in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and now in this exciting role will be a thrill to watch!


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