The Container Store Haul!

I’ve shared on my Instagram account on how I organize all my makeup, but some of you may or may not have seen it.  I went to the container Store and I couldn’t contain myself (no pun intended) ! The store was having a huge sale and I couldn’t leave without purchasing a few things.


So I purchased two clear 3-drawer boxes one for $11.99 and the other one for $17.99.  The left one was the $17.99 and the $11.99 tag belongs to  right drawer. The $11.99 drawer was on sale and the $17.99 wasn’t.  The difference between both these containers aren’t a lot. First the left one has the knobs on the drawers, and the right doesn’t. The right drawer is also slightly wider and you are able to fit more stuff in it than the left one! To open the right one you simply put your finger inside and drag it out with your finger. It’s not really a big deal, but I grabbed two different one’s because I already own two of the left ones and I needed one more. The left drawer I bought for my mom, she’s been bugging me about wanting one for her makeup!


Next, I decided to purchase a 12- Section Acrylic Lipstick holder and the price for the holder was $4.99 . I decided it was time to buy this holder because I had no more room to keep my Mac lipsticks.


So, I know there’s the Muji Drawers, but if you ask me they’re ridiculously over priced. These drawers from the Container Store are just as nice and are budget friendly. If you want your makeup a bit more organized, I recommend you go to the store and purchase yourself some. I love how clean and organized all my makeup looks with these drawers!! 🙂




(Ignore the stuff on the counter)



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