UK/USA Beauty Swap with Jess from Dungarees and Donuts!

Ami GarzaI wanted to do a beauty swap from someone in the UK since I had seen a bunch of UK/USA beauty swaps on YouTube, I was determined to find someone I could swap with. After I contacted this lovely girl from the UK named Jess, we started emailing back and forth. After we emailed each other our lists of beauty products, Jess mailed my package and this is what she bought for me! 🙂

MUA palette

MUA Undress Me Too Palette

Before I continue to show you the rest of my products, look how crazy pigmented these eye- shadows are! (One swipe)

Undress Me Too palette by MUA

Oh and this black eye shadow kicks elf’s black eye shadow by oblivion. (Pic down below)

Left Elf Black, Right Mua BlackLeft finger: Elf black eyeshadow

Right finger: MUA black shadow in Corrupt

MUA lipsticks

Three MUA lipsticks!

Left to Right: Scarlet Siren, Shade 3 & Pouty Pink

Collection lipsticks

Two Collection Lipsticks!

Left to Right: Collection Gothic Glam lipstick in Revenge #3 & Collection Little Mix lipstick in Perrie!

Berry M lipsticks

Three Lipsticks from Berry M in the shades: 155,146,100

MUA Blusher

This MUA Blusher in “Cupcake”


MUA Fur- Effect Nails in Boo Boo Fluff that I really want to try!



this Collection Work the Colour Nude Eye Palette which sadly wasn’t as pigmented as the MUA Shadows, but it’s workable.

I want to thank Jess from make sure you visit her awesome site . Most of these goodies, if you’d like to try them and you live In the USA can be found on


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