Style Appreciation: Perrie Edwards from Little Mix

If you DON’T know who Perrie Edwards is, you are living under a rock.  Perrie Edwards is in a very popular girl group in the UK called Little Mix. Perrie also happens to be engaged to One Direction’s Zayn Malik.  I am not a big fan of One Direction (I KNOW OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!) but Perrie and Zayn make such a cute couple. Besides rocking out and being in a very successful  girl group Perrie has an amazing style and awesome hair! The picture below shows you some of my favorite looks from Perrie.

I love that Perrie style is a bit of a mix of bohemian/chic/punk all in one. Perrie’s style is right up my alley, oh and her style is also very affordable to re-create!


Perrie has the coolest hair colors ever. My lavender ombre which are extensions were partly inspired by Perrie’s lavender locks which you can see down below. Perrie has rocked an awesome pastel pink with bright pink ombre, lavender, platinum, blonde, and dark blonde hair. I’m amazed to see her hair look so healthy! I’m so jelly. Not to mention besides her hair she can sing so beautifully…oh and she is also SUPER PRETTY. Yeah…im so jelly. 20140202-003629.jpg


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