Breakthrough Artists

The year is coming to an end and to a good one we expect so as we wait let us take a step back to remember those new artists that are now at top in our playlists and radio.

These breakthrough artists continue in their rise and these are the songs that brought them to the top.

Imagine Dragons

This alternative rock band did great things when they released their hit “Radioactive” out into the world, immediately they were being played in the radio and we watched them all play live on several shows, their video alone was attracting to our attention and with that they continued in their rise by touring and releasing more music one most famous is their following song “Demons” from the same album “Night Visions” where Radioactive appears.


New Zealand artist Lorde instantly came to the spotlight with her single “Royals” as most of us know it has been playing in the radio non-stop yet the song never gets old perhaps it’s because of that tempo in the beginning that keeps us moving our heads every time we listen.


The single “Let Her Go” was from the year 2012 but not many till this year started to watch and listen to this British folk-rock singer and his song Holes from the album “All the Little Lights“.


“Thrift Shop” was and still is the song we all like to hear, the song has both meaning and talent, it is the most remembered song of this year and he is also at the top of the new artists this year. Macklemore does more than bring good music he makes them have meaning putting him at the top.

The Lumineers

Hitting off in 2012 with “Ho Hey” this song continued in the radio even to 2013 and they have reached more fame with their song “Scotland” now used as the theme song for the new show Reign. Their debut album will keep one at foot and as a folk-rock band they are doing wonders.


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