Looking back 2013

2013 has been one of the greatest years of my life so far!  There’s been a lot of memorable  moments that I would like to share with you all.

  1. One of the most memorable things about 2013 was the fact that I saw Paul McCartney live in Austin. If you know me, I am a huge Beatles fan. When I was in High School a good friend of mine was obsessed with them. I did know who The Beatles were, but I was not obsessed with them…until my good friend Stephanie re-introduced them to me. Anyway seeing Paul McCartney live was amazing and unforgettable.


  1. The second most memorable thing that happened to me in 2013 was that I got a tiny tattoo in a shop in Austin. I got my tiny tattoo on the same day as I saw Paul McCartney live.  My tattoo was actually a spontaneous thing that I did. I have always wanted to get a tattoo, to experience what it felt to have one. I can now scratch off getting a tattoo off my bucket list. I do want two more tiny tattoos soon!

my tiny tattoo

  1. One of the best things I did this year was the fact that I returned to school.  Since my return to school, I was able to get A’s & B’s that helped raised by GPA! I am now currently enrolled in my Spring semester and I am ready to graduate with my Associate’s Degree next fall!

  2. I created this blog with a good friend of mine. This blog means so much to me…it’s like my own baby! I couldn’t be any more prouder of how far this blog has become since three months ago.


  1. I dyed my hair with so many crazy colors. I have always wanted to dye my hair with so many crazy colors, and this year I did that. I loved having blue, purple, pink hair! It was fun while it lasted.

Ami Garza

  1. I met Charlie Simpson. If you don’t know who Charlie Simpson is, get off this page and head down to YouTube and search “Charlie Simpson Young Pilgrim album” NOW. Meeting Charlie was amazing. I was so happy I was able to meet one of my favorite singer-songwriters.

Ami Garza and Charlie Simpson

  1. I had such a great time with my family in Corpus Christi, Houston and in Mexico. I love and cherish any time I can have with my family. I am also extremely happy for one of my closest cousins having a sweet baby boy!

  1. As you grow up and graduate from High School, it gets harder to keep in touch with certain friends from H.S. Any time I do get to hang out with my best friends, it’s always a blast with them. This year I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked to spend with my girls, but the time that I did spend with them I enjoyed every bit. I seriously have the bestest friends ever.


  1. I was able to be in public anxiety free. I suffer from an anxiety disorder and it’s so hard being around so many people. To people who don’t suffer from anxiety it may seem a bit ridiculous that this is an accomplishment, but believe me…this is huge for me!

  2. I was able to get a volunteer opportunity at my dream job. I can’t give out details, but it’s awesome.


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