Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues


The legend continues with Ron Burgundy and his fellow news team as they head to a new beginning at GNN, the very first 24-hour news channel in New York City. After being out-staged by his wife, Veronica Corningstone and being fired from the news station when told he was the worst anchorman, Ron ruins his relationship with his family and falls into a world of self-pity and disgrace.

That is until he is found by one recruiter to sign ahead for a 24-hour news program in New York city along with several other news reporters from around the country.

The gang, back together take the news by storm and change the way it was once was by giving the audience what they wanted and not what they needed. The news, from that point on changed forever.

This sequel delivered hilarious scenes from the gang as they did in the first. The big news fight like the first has more characters that will sure keep you pointing to the screen in excitement as the first one once did.

Ron Burgundy is a man to watch, his character stays true as the lead to keep us laughing and Brick played by Steve Carrel gives as always a great performance, and what made it better was the fact that he was given more time on the screen with his new love interest, Chani as well as the other news anchors. Those unforgettable ones like Brian Fantana, Champ, and the big bad anchor Jack Lime or as we at the news station like to call him, Jack Lame.


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