Beyonce, Back Again to Take the Throne.


Beyonce said, “I wanted people to hear the song with the story that’s in my head” and that is exactly what she did with the release of her “Self-Titled” album. She has once again showed her talent to all and is accordingly so the queen.

Her visual album has sold thousands in just a few days of its release! She is the number one artist on iTunes where her whole album is there for purchase so if you haven’t already viewed this extraordinary project of hers I urge you to do so. This project is a story, a visual type of story telling from her own experience, these set of videos are a true work of art, something that has been missing in this age of music.

This video expresses the love and beauty of happiness from her to her fans and it is just a taste of what her album holds.  She is truly the rightful queen of  pop here to show us what wonders music can do.




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