The Walking Dead Mid- Season Finale Review



*This is a quick post and review*


Holy guacamole! That was such an intense Walking Dead episode guys. I knew one of the main characters had to die, but I didn’t want it to be Hershel. Hershel died in such a horrible way, the Governor slicing his body in two with Michonne’s sword.This episode was so brilliantly written, I have so much respect for The Walking Dead writers. At first I didn’t like the fact that the writers weren’t following the comic series, but now I like the fact that anything in the series can happen, and that anyone in the series CAN die. Let’s just pray that it’s NEVER Daryl!!! This episode reminded me of The Game Of Thrones episode of the “Red Wedding” emotionally. I can’t wait until February for the rest of the season to air, I NEED to see it NOW. Overall the Mid Season episode “Too Far Gone” has been one of the best written episodes of The Walking Dead so far! The visual effects, and the acting were on point! Good Job writers! Keep it up! I give this episode an A+++


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