Online Shoe Shopping

* Boots are back in season! *

And now that most stores are lining up their shoes on display let us give the attention to the great big web and this means online shoe shopping…one of the best things the internet can serve to any girl.

We have all been to the stores recently and lately thanks to the holidays the malls are always packed and they will remain crowded so for a more peaceful shopping day we could turn our heads to the computer.

In the internet is where we could search for the right shoes without having all the fuss of not finding the right shoes for this cold weather or having found one but unfortunately being told that they do not have your size.

Though their are many websites to go through I personally have chosen some that have worked out great for me in the past and that did not cause me a headache by the end of it.

Lola’s Shoetique

This is one I most favor for it varies in different types of shoes for the seasons and if you are looking for boots stop first here!


Make me chic’s website has many styles of shoes and they are all eye-turners and once you’re done browsing the shoes make sure to also see their clothing and accessories!


Etsy has many things to browse for and mainly all of its products are vintage or hand-made which is why I would recommend this website’s shoe category to any person wishing to go a bit old school.


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