New Maybelline Jelly Chrome highlight try on & review

Maybelline makes one of the best highlighters at the drugstore, so when I saw they were releasing a Jelly highlight I knew I had to get it.

I bought the shade Metallic Rose.

To my surprise the shade was more gold than rose. You can barely see any pink in it which I actually like better. I’ve tried the Farsali Jelly highlight and compared to the Maybelline I feel like they both have similar finishes. They both dry down super fast so when applied it’s best to blend really fast. The Maybelline Jelly highlight works best in my opinion when you blend it in with your fingers. When using this product it’s best to use the very bare minimum. I use my pink finger to pick up some of the product and with just the tip of my finger I have enough product for both my cheeks. This product is so beautiful and very pigmented, it’s crazy that it’s just about $7.

The picture above is of me wearing the product on my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose. I try to show you all the products without any filter or enhancement so you all can see how the products perform. This Jelly highlight can be built up for intensity or it can be worn moderately. Maybelline you have my heart, always. I don’t know how you guys kill it every time, but you do.


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