My go to dewy makeup look

I have been obsessed with the glowy makeup look since last year and I finally want to share with you all some of those products that have helped me achieve this look. If you have dry skin, using some of these products will complement your skin the best. I have added alternatives to some of the high-end items that I use, I hope you find this post useful if you are looking to add a little glow to your makeup routine.

The first thing I do is I moisturize my skin. After moisturizing I use the Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydrating tint.


Then I apply my Mac 24 hr concealer. I like this concealer because it’s very light coverage it’s about a light to medium concealer. I think the Wet N’Wild photo focus concealer is a great alternative for the Mac one.

Then I lightly set my under eyes and places where I know I will get oily throughout the day like my nose, and forehead. I really like the Rimmel Stay Matte powder because it’s also light and it does set everything into place.


Occasionally I do apply some bronzer on my crease of my eyes for definition.

Then I apply blush. I really like the bliss illuminating gradient blush. You can use any blush that has some glow to it. I feel like if you use a matte blush It takes away from the glowy illusion were trying to go for.

For glow I use my Dior backstage palette for highlight, blush topper and bronzer. This little palette has a sheen and it’s great for adding that glow affect after using a bronzer and blush. I do apply the highlight on the inner corners of my eyes and as well as my cheeks, and nose bridge. An alternative that I have for the Dior face palette is the Makeup Revolution X Soph X highlighter palette.



I forgot that I also lightly fill in my eyebrows. I preferably use powder because it looks more natural than using a pomade. I either use the ABH soft brown powder or the Rimmel London Brow This Way sculpting kit. I feel like the Rimmel brow powder is one of the most underrated items in the makeup community. This brow powder is so good I use it almost every day. Check it out if you’re near a drugstore it’s good quality and very inexpensive.

Going back to the eyes, I like using either the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara or the Essence Volume Stylist mascara. The Essence mascara is a great alternative for the Marc Jacobs one, they both curl and lift your lashes to give you some massive volume!

Next I started using the Elf Dewy setting mist in coconut. This is a brand new product for me and I cannot rave enough about it. It smells so good and it brings a beautiful non greasy glow to your face. I worried about it making my face look greasy and I noticed if you spritz your face with this once or twice it leaves an amazing glow. If you over do it with the sprays it does leave your face looking greasy, so be careful when using this product.


Lastly for lips I’ve been using a lip balm and over that I use either the Fenty gloss bomb in Fu$$y or the Colourpop lip gloss in Aquarius. They both leave a beautiful baby pink sheen on the lips.

Let me know which products you use if you go for a dewy look, I am always looking to try new products!


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