Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Palette Review and Try On

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday wherever you’re from. Some of you guys are from Europe or South America which is crazy to me!! Thank you for reading, liking and commenting on my posts, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

For my birthday this year my cousin Stephanie, gifted me the Thirsty palette by Jeffree Star cosmetics. I have a few liquid lipsticks from the brand but I had never used or tried any eyeshadow before.

This palette was actually the first palette that caught my attention from the brand, and Im very thankful to have received this as a gift.

The packaging of this palette is very cute, it has a very summer chill vibes which I don’t mind but we all know the formula is where the attention should be at.



Now that you have seen the swatches, let me begin by saying that the formula to the touch feels very silky and smooth. When I first applied a color on my eyelids (taste buds) I noticed that the color payoff on the lid wasn’t as pigmented. I applied it with a brush and even with my finger and it took a while to have any kind of color payoff. I used my regular Morphe eyeshadow primer for the first try, and I also have to say that when I did build up the color on my eye with a brush, all the color would disappear when I tried to blend the shadow.


I was so confused as to why the matte shades were not applying nicely on my eyes, and weren’t showing up on my eyelids. The more I applied and tried blending the more confused I got. I realized that in the front of the palette said that they were PRESSED PIGMENT SHADOWS which is way different from regular shadows. The only other pressed pigment palette I owned was the Urban Decay Electric palette and if you’re not familiar with these type of shadows, they tend to work best with a base they can stick to.


So after my moment of not realizing how to use this palette to its fullest potential I decided to give it another go. Instead of using my regular Morphe eyelid primer I decided to use my Nyx glitter primer. I noticed the difference of using both primers right away. The color payoff was beautiful when I used the Nyx glitter primer. It blended very nicely and the shadow stayed on my eyelid! I was so happy with the results of using the glitter primer, I continued to play around with the glitter shades in the palette.


I cannot describe how amazing the row of glitters are, they’re not gritty or chunky at all. The formula is so impressive, it has the lowest amount of fallout from any cosmetic glitter I have ever tried. I’m so in love with the glitters from this palette you guys don’t even know. One small swipe and your eyelid is covered with amazing coverage.

My overall review of this palette is that I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to try a Jeffree Star palette. It has your pop of colors but then it has very wearable shades in it too. The glitter row just is a bonus for me, the glitters can be used from day to-night too. If you have this palette comment below of some of the looks you’ve created!

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