First Impression: Covergirl Peach Punch Highlighter palette

I stumbled upon this brand new Covergirl product yesterday at Walmart, and to my surprise I was intrigued by it.

I have mentioned this before on other blog posts, I’m not the biggest Covergirl fan, most of their products just don’t work for me. I think the last product I ever purchased from them was their big supersizer mascara.

What made me want to buy it was the “peach scented” written on the palette. I love everything peach so that was a huge win for me. The colors of the highlighting palette looked really promising as well. I also picked up one single blush from this collection. Other products that are part of this collection include an eyeshadow palette, another blush and a highlighter single. Not only did they have a peach scented collection, they also had a chocolate collection (which I plan on buying soon).

Covergirl Peach Punk Highlighter Palette

Covergirl Peach Punch Blush #103


I was really excited to try this trio, and when I swatched it on my arm I knew that the real test was how it performed on my face. The formula of the bronzer felt chalky/powdery on a brush it had a lot of kick back. But when applied to the face I felt like it performed well. It blended really nicely and wasn’t patchy. I was surprised I liked this bronzer because it was warmer than what I usually gravitate towards. It has orange/red undertones to it. The blush on the trio was a bit smoother than the bronzer but still a bit powdery. On the face it blended really nicely and it was very subtle. The highlighter on this palette was the only thing I didn’t like. The highlighter was beyond powdery and chunky. The glitters on the highlighter made this product a pass for me. Sometimes you can get away with manipulating powdery products by using Mac Fix Plus but with this product it just emphasized all my texture.

Peach Punch Blush #103

This blush was an absolute dream. It was more pigmented than the blush on the trio for some weird reason. It was smooth, and vibrant and did I mention it smelled like peaches? If you pick this up I would recommend to use a light hand with this blush.

Will you be picking up anything from Covergirl’s new scented collection?

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