Favorite 10 shades of pink

Continuing my last beauty post here’s my top 10 favorite shades of pink. Let’s get to the colors!



From L-R

Hard Candy– ($6.00) Cherry Blossom- This color in the photo gives it no justice, this lip cream hadn’t dried down completely. This formula is very smooth and feels very comfortable on the lips. It lasts a good amount of hours and it looks like a strawberry dream.

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte- #07 ($4.99) Tiramisu – The Jordana liquid lipsticks are my favorite liquid lip formula from the drugstore. A lot of people hype up the Wet N’ Wild ones but I swear by these! My lips are really dry but with these on somehow it smooths out my lips. This color is absolutely gorgeous. I was obsessed when I first purchased this color and wore it non stop for months. You can’t go wrong with this lip shade and price tag.

Maybelline– ($5.50) Touch of Spice- This color almost passes for a mauve shade, it’s a deep rose color and I feel like it will compliment a lot of people’s skin tones. The formula of Maybelline’s lipsticks are so comfortable and smell like vanilla!

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte- #09 ($4.99) Rose Macaron- This color is the perfect Rose shade. It’s beautiful and a bit more pale in real life than in the picture.

Nyx Extra Creamy Round Lipstick– Rose ($3.00)0 This color is really vibrant and the formula is very creamy. Although this lip color doesn’t last long, I don’t mind it because it’s a really cheap bargain.



Limecrime–  (ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR $16.00) Pink Velvet- This color is a lot more vibrant in person almost neon, but not neon. It’s the perfect bright lip if you want to make a statement. The wear is good as long as you stay away from greasy foods.

Mac Cosmetics–  ($17.50) Pink Plaid- The formula is matte, but creamy. This lipstick is a very muted baby pink that became a staple in my Mac collection.

NARS– ($27.00) Let’s Get Crazy- This color looks similar to the Limecrime lip on the photo but it’s not. This NARS lip pencil has more of a red/pink tone it. Love this formula it’s very creamy and easy to re-apply.

Jefree Star Cosmetics– ($18.00) Gemini- This is your very wearable everyday pink shade. i get a lot of compliments when I wear this color.

Kylie Comsetics–  ($17.00) Candy K – This shade is so stunning. It’s that in between color of nude and pink. The only thing about this shade is that if you have very dry lips make sure you moisturize because you can see the dryness with this light shade.

Let me know what are your favorite pink shades! What shade of lipstick do you like to wear for Valentine’s Day?

I’m still debating in doing a Nude lip shade for V-Day post. Stay tuned xox

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