Review: Wet N’ Wild Cushion foundation

Cushion foundations are becoming a huge trend in the beauty world. I personally love them because they’re great for the “no makeup, makeup look”. The drugstore is stepping up their makeup game for the past couple of years and Wet N’ Wild is no exception.

One thing that I have to warn you before purchasing this product is that the shades go lighter than the names. For instance my color is normally a nude beige or medium and I picked up the color nude beige for this cushion foundation and it turned out to be about a shade lighter than my actual color. I tried applying bronzer with the foundation to darken up the foundation and it made it a little better.

For the actual product on the skin I wore it for about a week to test the wear of it. The product made the face appear clean and smooth and provided a light coverage. It lasted about 4 hours on the skin. The packaging  says to re-apply every couple of hours for sunscreen protection. It contains SPF 15 and it also has a lovely light scent. In this cushion a mirror and a cushion pad is provided. The pad is very thin and I actually did like how the application looked using it. It cost me about $9 with taxes. I do believe there are coupons you can find with the product in several Walgreen stores.



Sorry for the crappy quality guys my lens broke 😦

Would I recommend this product? 

Only if you like wearing little to no makeup I think you would enjoy this kind of product. If you like your coverage but occasionally would like to wear little makeup on the go I would recommend this product. Remember it is NOT long-lasting.



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