Rising Artist To Watch: CJ Holland + New The Weeknd Cover “Earned It”

cj holland

CJ Holland is a 21-year-old R&B singer and dancer who is currently working on his debut album with Grammy Award winning artist Pharell, along with Ne-Yo, Quincy Jones and Grammy nominated producing duo Kinetics & One Love.

CJ has already caught the attention of the mass media, appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres show after uploading a Youtube video with friend Dakota Bradley that went viral covering Michael Jackson’s and Paul McCartney’s classic hit “The Girl Is Mine” (great song choice btw).


I’ve recently encountered his YouTube covers and I was blown away from his remarkable talent. It seems like he doesn’t even try to sing, his voice is that good. I have no doubt that his music will be nothing more than amazing. He could sing about bananas and it would still sound SO GOOD. (Don’t sing about bananas though, seriously.)


While we all wait for his anticipated debut album, CJ has been covering the latest from Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Sam Smith and The Weeknd on his YouTube Channel.

You have to check out CJ’s incredible pipes!  He sings so effortlessly, it is refreshing to hear him sing these songs, and make these songs into his own. Did I mention that he can also dance!?!? Uhm, WOW! Talk about multi-talented.

Check out his latest cover of The Weeknd’s “Earned It”


I hope you guys liked his cover, I know I sure did! Sweet sweet music to my ears!

Also, if you liked his “Earned It” cover, check out the rest of his covers on his Youtube Channel.

Follow CJ Holland on Twitter  and find him on FB here.



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