Sunday Fun-day ft. Superbowl

Hey guys, so yesterday was the Superbowl and I thought it would be fun to share how my Sunday Football night went. I’m not a football fan at all…if you’re not from the USA then is it called American Football, you know since what we call soccer is your football? Confusing…I know. I had this History professor who told the entire class that Americans changed English things just to piss off the English, and I’m pretty sure Americans succeeded. I know how irritated the English are about their football.

pizza superbowlnom nom nom bbq

superbowl fun

Yes, Cowboys fans are still hurt.


It was also my aunt’s birthday so we had cake! Sunday was great, lot’s of food and good company to go with the Superbowl. I don’t like football that much but when I do watch it I usually ask so many questions (it’s so confusing). I don’t hate the game either, I mean the men are serious eye candy ha! I DO know what teams were playing Patriots and Seahawks (Patriots won) and I do get football enough to know that the Seahawks made a very stupid play to lose the Superbowl. Half time was great with Katy Perry performing along with Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot! (IMO it was  not THEE best SB performance of all time but it was still pretty awesome!) I loved the entrance the most and of course Missy’s part…talk about a throwback!

Katy’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance (Full Video)

I think it’s hilarious how the KP Left Shark is getting so many memes on the internet (he messed up the dance during Teenage Dream) I can already see the Shark Halloween costumes!


Did you see the Superbowl? If not did you see Katy Perry’s performance? #leftshark


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