The Season For Boots


Fall shoes from Forever 21, great for a vintage look or for a modern witches costume.

  •  Just Fab is offering a 20 percent off on your very first item, new members always get a special and there is free shipping!

My very first item was about two weeks ago and I paid very little for these black booties than any other pair that I have so for this special website I suggest that you check them out every week to see their offers of the week.

Photo Oct 02, 9 00 28 AM


The Riva style booties came very well packaged and looked absolutely wonderful for a night out, I thought the heel height was comfortable enough for walking and the booties completed so many of my outfits. The only problem with these specific shoes are that the heel size was not appropriate for me, at first I thought I could manage but after wearing them for a long time I began to dislike the size of the heel, they were not something I could walk around on for long hours of the night but then I did buy them very rushed without checking of the specifics of the shoe. And since this is online shopping I always suggest that you look at the details. Though I probably won’t be wearing them any time soon seeing as it is beginning to grow colder and that I don’t like the heel I will be giving them away to a friend who can bear the size any time of day better than I. The quality of the shoes were fantastic and I will be buying again from here, perhaps some new boots? They do have a large collection of tall boots and booties…

  •  The women’s annual boot sale is on at  Target ! They have great boots for the winter and they do offer free shipping for those who buy 50 dollars and more.
  •  What’s new at Go Jane?

Well they have one dollar shipping for the next two days and new shoes to pick from and not just shoes do they have but also sweaters and over-the-knee boots that coming this winter will not only keep you warm but keep you fashionable out in the cold.

  •  Forever 21   always has great deals on their shoes and this year they have a Fall Shoe Shop!


 My combat boots from Forever 21 are among the most comfortable shoes for the Fall and Winter

I’ve also found that eBay has some great shops on shoes, I’ve found many good quality pairs and at a more reasonable price than most stores. These are three places to get you started on:

121-hoo-121 is probably the cheapest option from this list but like many shops on eBay it takes time to find the best shoe but if you don’t want to spend so much on your boots then I’d take a look at what they have.

v_luxury has plenty of boots for all styles and this is what they have best plus mainly all of their shoes have free shipping! It does take a while to find those right boots since they have a great variety but if you’ve got the time, scroll down their shop and find your boots for the season.

my-fashion-corner I bought a pair of Mary Jane’s from here sometime last year and they are one of my favorite black pumps to wear out and they are one of the most comfortable heels also. They came in great shape, unworn, fresh, and I didn’t have to wait so long for them to be delivered.


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