Continuing & New T.V Series

This is where we left off and where we will begin the new season of the shows we absolutely love! These are the shows perfect for Fall starting off with the story of Sleepy Hollow which will premiere this very Monday…

Continuing Shows:

Sleepy Hollow left us in the most action-packed hour last episode, Ichabod has reunited with Katrina but at what cost? Abbie is trapped in purgatory and strange dangers surround her while her sister is on her own since the chief is still under arrest. The big revealing was the most unexpected all revolving around the ‘The Sin Eater’ or Henry Parish as he chose to call himself. This came to light on the last episode named “Bad Blood”. The long lost son has returned and he is not on the side of his parents but on the dark side; after having been trapped below ground by Katrina’s very own coven. Parish seeks revenge and buries Ichabod in his former grave and leaves Katrina for the headless horseman’s taking.

Supernatural (October 7)

Deanmon will be the star of this new season! Metatron is arrested by the angels and they look towards Castiel as a new leader while Sam is trying to find Crowley to save his brother after suffering for his loss once again. The Winchesters always come back even in death, that we have seen numerous times but this last season left it even more heartbreaking since Dean is not brought back by as a human but the very thing he kills, the very thing his fear warned him about, and Crowley makes sure that Dean does return but this time on the other side…

Arrow (October 8)

Felicity joined the action that follows Ollie when they tricked Slade into believing that she was the one he truly loved so that he would take her and she could inject him with the cure. The flashbacks on what happened between Oliver and Slade were finally revealed! Showing us how Slade lost his eye taken by the very thing Oliver uses to represent himself, the arrow. Sara decides to leave back to the League saying her goodbyes to her father and her sister but soon after Quentin falls to the ground with what could seem a bad ending for him in the next season. Oliver takes Slade to where it all started and traps him but now the flashbacks take us to somewhere quite different…Hong Kong.

Grimm (October 24)

Monroe and Rosaliee are finally married! But for the other couple it isn’t looking so pretty especially not after Adalind dressed as Juliette in skin and all to trick Nick and eventually sleep with him; when this was revealed Juliette started feeling exhausted for all the supernatural things that revolve around Nick. Now we will see what comes next after Wu discovered the book of creatures and what will become of Nick without his powers.


Gotham (September 22)

How To Get Away with Murder (September 25)

Gracepoint (October 2)

The Flash (October 7)

American Horror Story: Freak Show (October 8)



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