September Movies

The Maze Runner

Into the maze Thomas goes September 19!

Thomas awakes at the unknown territory called the Glade by those who are trapped there, surrounding them is the strangest and most tricky maze they have ever encountered, none who have entered has came out, not until Thomas becomes a runner and brings hope to those who thought there was none left. The truth behind their captivity will be their goal and not all will survive the battle inside the maze.


A Walk Among the Tombstones

Liam Neeson is the man for action, in this movie based from a novel by Lawrence Block, Neeson plays a private investigator hired to find out the secrets behind a man’s kidnapped wife. Neeson’s character will walk where those who he hunts walked and roam the city of New York for their capture, leaving behind the laws he used to go by when he was a cop.

The Boxtrolls

Eggs was raised unlike any other child, he was found by the unlikely creatures that collect trash each night. The boxtrolls realm underground and wear boxes as attire, Eggs is like them seeing as he was raised by them but because of an intruder Eggs must become a leader and save them all from extermination. The 3D Movie was inspired by Alan Snow’s “Here Be Monsters!”


Keira Knightley stars as Megan at the peak of change and to the stage of adolescence. Megan, distraught, after her boyfriend proposes marriage decides suddenly to get away and the 16-year-old Annika whom she had met before is the perfect getaway she seeks for.  Alongside Annika’s father, the three grow together but her life left behind is waiting and Megan must decide where to choose her path for the future.


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