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Aromatherapy Collection


Stress Relief Body Lotions with eucalyptus spearmint

aroma2 Calms the skin and relaxes the mind with its sensible smells that blend on your skin while you moisturize the body.

Stress Relief contains eucalyptus and spearmint that when mixed gives a refreshing touch to the exhausted body which needs relief. Since most college students are going back to school today or have already started, stress tends to hit around the third week or so when assignments and tests are more usual and day by day assigned.

I have taken overload on classes past semesters and these aromatherapy lotions have helped me to take a breather and cool myself down, the best one yet is Stress Relief because of its eucalyptus oils. It increases the blood flow and as a student taking more than five classes of constant writing, reading, and researching, the eucalyptus alongside spearmint brings a rather soothing and  pleasant aroma that helps think more calmly.


Sleep Body Lotions’  Night Time Tea

Photo Aug 25, 11 26 53 AM

Another hassle of starting the new semester again is going to sleep after long hours of sitting and working on assignments, for that I used to take only my hot tea to help me after the long day but upon finding the sleep collection I decided to try it since it said that it was like taking tea except for the skin.

The night time tea body lotion was as comforting as drinking tea those long nights, it’s not that the sleep collection makes you instantly want to sleep but that it brings a certain comfort to the skin and as you moisturize the parts that most need calmness, the lotion sets its essential oils to let your skin breathe.

The best use of this collection is to shower with the sleep’s body wash & foam bath then after dry moisturize the skin with the “sleep” body lotion.

The Sleep Collection now has a new scent and that is Lavender Vanilla for several of its products like body wash and pillow mist!






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