Nyx Butter Gloss

my lipgloss is poppin

Hello friends! This post is going to be about the oh-so famous Nyx Butter Glosses. The glosses have been released for quite some time now and I have been hesitant to try them because, I honestly hate glosses and glossy things on my lips. Lately I’ve been into trying new things, like some of my previous posts and I said to myself “Why not? I picked this gloss trio online on (Ebay) as part of my Ebay Haul (post coming soon) and decided to give them a chance.

gloss butter glossssssssssss

Review: I know they have been raved about everywhere and I just want to give you guys my own opinion from my own perspective . To start off, I don’t like glosses. I swatched these on my hand and I instantly felt them slightly sticky. To give these bad boys some credit, they aren’t as sticky and as thick as a regular gloss. I could see why they were called “Butter Glosses” they  go on smooth on the lips like butter would. Coming from someone who doesn’t like glosses I must say I was impressed with these. Just because I was impressed doesn’t mean I love them. To be honest I don’t quite hate them either. I’m stuck in the middle. I tried these on by themselves on the lips, and I just didn’t think they were as pigmented as people described them to be. After I tried them on without anything on my lips, I decided I wanted to know how they would look with a lipstick on. For me, personally I would much rather use the glosses on top of a lipstick. I don’t think I will use these glosses on a daily basis though. I found myself using these glosses at the most 30 minutes, then I have to wipe it off…I just can’t get used to wearing glosses.


If you’re someone who enjoys lip gloss, these glosses are going to be holy grail products for you. If I loved these butter glosses, I would purchase one of every color. The reason I’m saying that is because, they’re honestly one of the best glosses that I have ever tried. The butter glosses are smoother and less sticky than any gloss out there in the market. The glosses also are priced $5 each which isn’t bad at all.


4 responses to “Nyx Butter Gloss

    • Thank You for your kind words Abi 🙂 I didn’t love them, but I didn’t hate them. I’m definitely more of a lipstick girl! I did notice I love them on with a lipstick under.

  1. I’m not a gloss person either, but I’m obsessed with these. I think I have 2 of the colors you bought, or two very similar ones, but I’m not sure.

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