Review & Swatches on ALL the New NYX Macaron Lippies!!!



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Swatches on ALL the new Nyx Macaron Lippies




These lipsticks were very opaque to my surprise. They glided on my lips very easily and I honestly can’t complain much about them. Even though the lipsticks were opaque they didn’t feel super thick on my lips (which is a good thing). I haven’t used one of them on my lips all day to tell you if they last so and so hours but after I would swatch one lipstick to another they would stain my lips but not to the point where they were so hard to take off from the lips. There is one thing that I did notice from these lipsticks, they are so opaque that adding a liner would be recommended. The lipsticks don’t have a smell or taste. I would recommend these to anyone who was looking to experiment with these fun colors! There is some lipstick colors that I would suggest you wouldn’t purchase only because they look very non-wearable . For instance Coconut and Citron. My favorites were Violet,Pistachio, Key Lime and Blue Velvet. Although there is other companies who have similar crazy colors (Limecrime) they are very different colors. I have tried Limecrime lipsticks and if I had to tell you which company lipsticks to purchase, there would be no doubt in my mind when I say to purchase the Nyx Lippies. There’s so many reasons why I would prefer the Nyx Macaron lippies instead of the Limecrime lipsticks.. The Limecrime lipsticks are $20.00 each and the Nyx are $6.00 each. Two the consistency of the Limecrime lipsticks is too opaque they feel chunky and thick on the lips. Three, the Nyx colors are just as vibrant as the Limecrime one’s. These fabulous lipsticks give Limecrime a run for it’s money! The list could go on and on but overall I’m so happy with this purchase! I really love these lipsticks and I hope you do too!


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