Pretty Hurts

Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” song was released along with all her other videos in her self-titled album. This song like all of her songs in this album is a song of personal matter, the message of this song however is much more personal and worldwide to all women.

Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler wrote the lyrics to this song along with Beyonce.

Just yesterday the video was released on YouTube and already it has received hundreds of views.

The video has a clear message, a message that realms in the world of self-doubt. A cruel reality that women face where certain people criticize the body of women if it does not weight what they believe to be the perfect size.

It should be universally known that perfection is nonexistent, it cannot be achieved and all the pain of striving for a perfect face and body distorts the world. Beyonce captures the moments of doubt and prejudice, in this video she shows us what is behind the curtains.

The lyrics are strong and so are her vocals; they rise in intense moments and slow down to express the insecurities.

“Perfection is a disease of a nation” – Beyonce

Wearing pretty clothes and trying out cosmetics because we like the art of it is completely different from using these things to fit in the crowd to obtain other peoples expectations.

If anything it should be for the pleasure and pure likeness of it and never to be used in painful ways to be considered perfect.

As she answers in the video, “my aspiration in life would be to be happy.”

Something that we should all strive for.


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